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Alternative Assignment

If you’ve been told to read this, I’ve put you on an alternative assignment for the Argument & Persuasion Video. I want you to write an essay that incorporates images and video (both of which you’ll embed). You’ll write this essay on your WordPress blog you created for source logs earlier this year. Your topic will be this:

Choose a campaign meant to persuade teens: texting and driving, not cheating in school, etc. Discuss what you see as the reasons for the behavior, the approach that the campaign takes in trying to persuade teens, how effective you think the campaign is, and why. 

The images and video should help illustrate your points, either as specific examples, or simply to add interest. In your text, you should both cite evidence for your claims and, when possible, link to them.


In-Class Assignment, 9/8

Included in last week’s assignment was a scene where Jack gets into a fight with Arthur. Go back and re-read the following bits:

  • the fight
  • Dwight’s response
  • Jack’s feelings about all of it after the fact

In 2-3 good paragraphs, briefly describe what happened (summarizing what you consider to be the most important events), and address what this tells us about (a) important characters, (b) what might happen next, and/or (c) what the author wants us to think about all this. Note: you don’t have to address ALL of these, just whichever ones seem most interesting to you.

If you were gone, you can turn that in to me on Wednesday, or e-mail it to me.

Also for Wednesday, read to page 144 in TBL.