End Credits

Here’s a short list of what should appear in your video credits. This is not necessarily a complete list; anyone who contributed to the creation of your film, directly or indirectly, should be acknowledged. For guidelines on ethical use of preexisting material in student projects, click here.

  • Directors
  • Other students who helped
  • Dr. Ayers and any other teachers/administrators who helped
  • Music, images, and video used under fair use for educational purposes
  • Creators/Owners of Preexisting Material (music/video/photos) — SEE BELOW
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Year
  • A Perspectives in Literature Film
  • Spring 2014

Example music:

“Get Lucky”/Performed by Daft Punk/Courtesy of Columbia Records

Example feature film:

The Godfather/(c)Paramount Pictures 1972

Example of video from YouTube:

Amanda Palmer, “The Art of Asking.” TED. (2013). Accessed on YouTube.

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