Adapting Speeches: Step One

Your job in the next couple of weeks will be to find several speeches. These could be from graduation ceremonies or inaugurations. They could be speeches from films. If you want to include poetry, you can do that too.

You need to find three speeches this week and do the following on your blog for each:

  1. What is it? Who is speaking? When was the speech given? Or, if it’s a film, when did that film come out, and who directed it? Link to the video or transcript.
  2. Summary: What are the main stories or quotes that strike you as important? In other words, if this were adapted, what would have to be included from it?
  3. Purpose: What are the big ideas that the speaker is trying to convey? What emotions does the speaker get her/his audience to feel?
  4. Adaptation Ideas: What sort of images/music/etc. could you imagine combining with this speech to make for an effective adaptation?

Please embed the video so that I can watch it while reading what you have to say about it.

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