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Adaptation: Carl Sagan

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one until now, because I’ve loved this next video for a couple of years. This was an advertisement for NASA, but it wasn’t produced by NASA; it was produced by Reid Gower, a Canadian who just happens to feel passionate about science education and NASA’s mission. There’s a great story about him here. I’ve linked one of his videos below.

Advertising as Adaptation

In the middle of our presentations fifth hour today, I suddenly remembered this ad I saw last weekend. It takes a speech from Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society and turns it int0–well, if you weren’t in class today, watch:

Then during sixth hour, I remembered that the same thing happened during last year’s Super Bowl. That time the voiceover was from Paul Harvey, a famous radio host.

UPDATE: Here’s more info on the Paul Harvey speech, which was from 1978, as explained in this article from the Atlantic.