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This Boy’s Life writing assignment, 10/17

Here was Monday’s writing assignment, if you missed class:

Perspectives – This Boy’s Life Activity

Toby’s/Jack’s identity constantly changes throughout the memoir.  Individually, go through the first 125 pages of the text and find two examples of where and how Toby’s identity changes.

For each example you find, write down a quote that embodies Toby’s behavior at this point in the memoir.  Write at least a paragraph for each example, answering the following:

  • Provide some context for your quotation.
  • Where is Toby in the memoir?
  • How old is he?
  • What city is he in?  Is he with his mother, Dwight?
  • Describe how Toby presents himself in your example.
    Consider the following:
    • How does he dress?
    • How does he interact with his peers?  Does he buy into a certain identity in school?
    • Who does he hang out with?
    • How does he approach his mother?

After you found your two examples, compare them.
What changes about Toby in each example?
What stays the same?  Finally, answer the questions:

How would you describe Toby’s true identity? Is this identity hard to discover? Why or why not?


Friday Advertising Assignment

Here’s the link for what we did Friday, if you were gone.



TV Research Website Rubric

Here is the updated rubric for your TV Research Website. For information on using in-text parenthetical citation–which is specifically asked for on the rubric–click here.