Assignment: Research on the Blues

First, everyone needs to read this introductory essay.

We’ll be doing research all week long. The requirements for the research, and what you’ll produce by the end of the week, is after the break…



Þ    research a blues artist from the list

Þ    find two or three good YouTube videos

  • at least one performance
    • preferably something they were well known for
  • an interview, if you can find one
    • if not, that’s okay
  • tell me what’s useful about each clip

Þ    find the following information:

  • birth/death years
  • where they were from, where they lived
  • who influenced them
  • what kind of blues they performed
  • what their music was like
  • what major songs/albums they were known for
  • who was influenced by them

This does NOT need to be written in paragraph form; could be bullet points, as long as the information is clear.

After each piece of information, tell me what source it came from. Use in-text citation formatting, telling me the author and year of publication. For example, “…tragically run over by an ice cream truck on his way to the concert (Ayers, 2011).”

IMPORTANT: every piece of information must be accompanied with a source other than Wikipedia. It needs to be something we can be assured is reliable. The following are good places to start:

  • Microsoft Student (Under “Programs” à “Microsoft Student”)
  • Google Books
  • Reference books in Kennedy IMC
  • The website

Include a bibliography (not an annotated bibliography; just the sources, in MLA format… alphebetize the list).

Send this information to me in an e-mail

  • send to
  • the subject line should read “your last name – your artist’s full name”
    • Ex: “Ayers – Robert Johnson”
  • you should include hyperlinks to the YouTube videos

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