Working Book Review

At the beginning of this unit, you were assigned to find a book related to a field you thought you might be interested in entering, and read it. You are now going to write a review of that book. The review should be between 600 and 800 words, and will be posted on a separate page on your blog (I’ll show you how to do this). The review will be due Friday, May 14

YOUR AUDIENCE: People who might also be interested in that field.

YOUR PURPOSE: To evaluate the book for that audience, using clear criteria and evidence.  

Things to think about before you begin:

  • What is the purpose of the book? 
  • Who is it written for? 
  • What conversation is the book a part of? 
  • What did you know about that conversation before you started reading it?
  • What did you think the book was going to be like before you read it? 
  • What did you think was interesting about the book?
  • What disappointed you about the book?

Start off by answering those questions, and then we’ll work on turning it into a review.

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