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Thursday, April 29

If you missed Thursday’s class, please respond in writing to the question we discussed:

Which of these do you think is a message Arthur Miller wanted us to understand through Death of a Salesman?

(a)         capitalism is a corrupt and callous system

(b)        people shouldn’t believe in the American Dream

(c)         Willy has the wrong goals, because he misunderstands the American Dream

(d)        Willy has the right goals, but misunderstands how to achieve them

(e)         Men who do intellectual work, rather than physical labor, aren’t real men


Death of a Salesman Questions

We did this in class on Tuesday:

1-2 ¶ ea. – Use specific evidence!

1. Who does Willy Loman want respect from, and how does he think it can be attained?

2. What is the main advice Loman gives to his children? Where does that advice get him? Where does it get Biff and Happy? Why?

3. What does his brother Ben represent in all this? How is Ben’s path different from Willy’s?

Guiliano reading response

Provide a 2-4 paragraph response to Guiliano’s chapter. Use the following questions to guide your response (though you need not respond to all questions).

  • What seems to have changed since the time Studs Terkel conducted his interviews with professional women?
  • What hasn’t changed as much as people might have expected?
  • What are Guiliano’s expectations of men and women in the workplace?
  • Does she make any generalizations you feel are unfair? What might have motivated her to make them?

Questions for Roger & Me

Roger & Me, directed by Michael Moore (1989)
What is the problem (or series of problems) being presented here, in Moore’s view?

What does Moore claim is the cause of that problem?

What evidence does he provide for that claim?

What does Moore leave out that might be important?