Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday, March 17, we watched most of an episode of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, as we continue on in the “blue collar” section of our Working unit. Don’t forget: the readings for Friday are Preface I and Preface III of Terkel’s book.

On Thursday, March 18, we will be in the cave, working on the blogs. Remember that if you’re confused about what you’re supposed to write on the blogs, there are several options for any given post:

  • talk about how you got interested in the job;
  • talk about what sort of education you need for the job, and how you’re planning to get that education (where are you going to go, what are you going to major in, what do you know about the sorts of classes that will be expected, etc.);
  • talk about ideas from the book you chose;
  • talk about something connected with your career that’s in the news;
  • talk about something connected with your career that’s showing up in pop culture (on TV, in movies, etc.);
  • find something on a website dedicated to a subject related to your career (e.g., if you’re interested in becoming a psychologist, bookmark Psychology Today magazine’s website, visit it often, and find interesting things to discuss).

And don’t forget to remind yourself of the requirements for word count and number of posts. Those will be found on

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