Assignment for 1/25

You should have read up to page 171 over the weekend, which should put you in a pretty good position to answer the following question. Answer in 3-4 typed paragraphs, using specific evidence from the book to back up your answer.

On Friday, we talked about The Color Purple as a story about whether everyone really can get themselves out of bad circumstances, or if they need to have certain advantages that Celie does not have. Today, I want you to look back over the pages that cover Nettie’s letter back to Celie, and consider the book from her point of view. If the perspective of the novel were reversed, so that we were following Nettie from the beginning, not Celie, what might you say this book is about? Put more simply, what is the theme of Nettie’s story? What does it tell us about life or human nature?

Read up to page 183 for Wednesday (homework).

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