Short Color Purple Assignments

Number One

Carefully re-read pages 33-42. Then, on a blank sheet of paper, do the following in 1 paragraph EACH:

  • summarize the events from pages 33-42 from Celie’s perspective;
  • summarize those same events from Sophia’s perspective ; and
  • summarize the same events again, from Harpo’s perspective.

Title this “The Color Purple, pp. 33-42” and be sure to write the date and period in the corner, and hand it in.

Number Two

Who is Shug Avery? What do we know about her? When is she first mentioned in the book? What has her relationship with Mr. _______ been like in the past? Why does she act the way she does toward him, and the way she does toward Celie, when she comes to stay? How does Mr. _________ feel about her, and why do you think that is?

Answer these questions in a total of 2-3 ¶, written on a fresh sheet of paper. Title it “Shug Avery.”

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