Hey Folks

Had a baby over break, so I’m taking a few days of paternity leave.

Today I want you to write about the book you were supposed to have read over break. I’m laying out a few general questions that I want you to answer in as much detail as you can in the time allowed. PARAGRAPHS, PEOPLE.

  • What is the dramatic situation we are presented with at the beginning, before the main conflict of the book has begun?
  • Who is the main character? What is he/she like? What are his/her dramatic needs?
  • What is the dramatic premise? How is the conflict introduced?
  • What are some major turning points that might be considered plot points in an adaptation of this story? You don’t have to choose two yet, just narrow it down to, perhaps, between four and six.

If you need to be reminded of the definitions for any of these things, turn to your notes. Do this individually now, and don’t waste your time with online sources. It isn’t worth your time worrying about getting busted for plagiarism.

At the end of the hour, I want you to print out TWO COPIES of this document. TURN ONE IN to the sub. KEEP THE OTHER. See how I’m putting some of that in caps? I really want you to get it right.

See you soon.

2 responses to “Hey Folks

  1. I might have this wrong, but by the way we took our notes it seems like you have dramatic situation and premise switched around. The premise should be paired with the conflict question instead of the situation, right?

  2. Yes, I believe I reversed them. Now fixed.

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