Thinking about Big Ideas

As a group, come up with a few general ideas that readers of your book would benefit from thinking about before they begin reading. Each member of the group should then find something to read and something to watch that would help people think about those ideas before getting started.

For example: In This Boy’s Life, I might want readers to think more about what it means to have, or not have, male role models in their lives. So I might link to this article, from a non-profit organization in Tennessee.

Or, I might say that it would be useful for readers of This Boy’s Life to think about what life in the 1950’s was supposedly like. Not because I think Toby’s life was like that, but because it’s what Toby would have been comparing himself to; what “normal” families were supposed to be at that time. For that, I might suggest this film.

For both the written piece and the media piece, you have to include the following information:

  • what is it?
  • where is it from? who wrote/created it?
  • in a paragraph or two, why would this be useful to readers before they started reading? what ideas would you want them to think about? how would this piece help get at those ideas? do you agree or disagree with the ideas in the piece?

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