Google Docs

I’d like you to start a Google Docs account. This will allow you to upload documents and share them online.

You need to have an active e-mail account in order to do this. If you don’t have an e-mail account, let me know.

To start a Google Docs account, go here and click on “Get Started”.

Once you’re done with your powerpoint, you need to do the following:

1. Upload the PowerPoint presentation to Google Documents.

2. Open up the PowerPoint in Google Docs and click on “share.” Select “invite people.” Enter your partner’s e-mail address. Make sure “to edit” is selected underneath, then press the “send” button, followed by “save & close.” Now both members of the group should have the presentation.

3. One member of the group needs to get a hyperlink for the presentation. Open up the document (in Google), click on “share,” and select “get the link to share.” Click on “anyone with the link can see it.” Copy that link, and put it in an e-mail addressed to me, at When you do that, MAKE SURE you click on “save & close,” rather than just closing the window.

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