Memoir Presentation

In these presentations, you’re essentially previewing a book for people. Your goal in this assignment is to make the book seem potentially appealing to somebody, even if you personally wouldn’t be interested in reading this book.

In a 4-5 minute presentation, cover the following:

1. A cover slide, including (a) author, (b) title, and (c) presenters.

2. Between 4-8 content slides covering the questions I asked you about your memoir.

3. You must provide evidence for the claims you’re making. Evidence could include quotes from the book, images (from the cover or interior), blurbs (that is, quotes from somebody else about the book), and so on.

4. Review this guide to powerpoint design, and consider design elements when putting your presentation together.

5. Both members of each presenting group should participate equally.

6. Feel free to find images online for your presentation, but you must say where the image comes from.

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