Tobias Wolff

Below are a series of links that will take you to information about, and interviews with, Tobias Wolff. I want you to take some time today to read and listen to Wolff, to get a better impression of who this guy is. We’ll take the first half of class to read/listen/watch, and the second half to write. At the end of class, I want a typed paragraph or two, answering this question:

What is your impression of Tobias Wolff, as a person, and as a writer?

The requirements:

  • When I say “paragraph” in this class, I mean a good, substantial paragraph. My rule of thumb is, “at least five sentences.”
  • Quote Wolff. Use what he says as evidence for what you say.
  • Actually refer to the sources you’re using.

Talking with Continuum magazine.

Interviewed by The Guardian (a British paper).

An interview with

In a conversation for (Video)

Reading an excerpt from one of his short stories, “The Benefit of the Doubt.” (Video)

A couple of interviews with Don Swaim (audio).

An audio interview with NPR (audio).

An interview with Tavis Smiley (either printed or audio).

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